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I guess I should maybe update this a bit. I never really know what to put in these things, but here goes:

Seether rules!

I love gen and het and I have extremely high levels of enthusiasm for Original Characters. That doesn’t mean I won’t read other genres, but I’m a bit pickier about those. I also prefer plots to p0rn. I watch Supernatural and recently added The Vampire Diaries to the short list of things I will remember what time and channel they are on.


I don't automatically friend back any more. I assume that if someone randomly friends me, that’s it for the fic. So if you want friended back, just tell me and I will! I have a fic comm now called 8_track_gems. If you're interested in fic you can now friend the community. I'll assume that if someone friends me here, they want added back and (as long as your journal isn't blank) I will friend you back automatically. My journal is both friends only and public. Everything fandom related is open; anything pertaining to real life is under my flock. Every day here is DeFriending Amnesty Day.


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Het Fanfiction as explained by Sephira at Cracked

This is erotic fanfiction between a male and female character. Fans writing het tend to try to make up for its inherent boringness by being really weird. Some het doesn't fit this category and simply portrays a heterosexual couple expressing their canonical love in healthy, life-affirming ways. This makes up about .0001% of all fanfiction.

2/6/14 Pardon the mess! I am currently in the process of moving (most of) my fanfic to my AO3 account. When I am finished I will be deleting all fanfic from livejournal.